The Neon Dragon (neondragon) wrote,
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I'm currently doing an art stream on tinychat.

Tinychat is a bit different than livestream. Livestream is good at recording high def video from a single source and having a nice chat feed to go with it. Tinychat's video is very low quality and nothing is recorded for playback, but it's a bit more social. You can have up to 12 video feeds going at once, and you can enlarge any one of the if you want to get a better look. It's great fun if you're just arting around and want some company. You can see what others are working on as you draw and chat. Going to give this a try and see how it works out. :-)

Tinychat URL:
Password: overcast
  • If you’re going to be sharing a video feed, it’s art-related only. I don’t want to see a webcam of you or your cat or a video feed of you surfing the web and playing video games.

  • The art that you broadcast should be safe-for-work. Please no exposed breasts , genitalia, or excessive violence.

  • No audio feeds. Choose “Camera Only” please. Mics and music coming from a variety of sources all at the same time is very distracting!

  • I put together a little tutorial on how to broadcast your desktop.
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