The Neon Dragon (neondragon) wrote,
The Neon Dragon

Hippocamp Flat Colors

Currently putting in the last of the flat colors for my hippocamp image. I still need to fill in some more detail in the background rocks and get that little arch in the middleground filled in. I plan on finishing this onLivestream tomorrow. :-)

A work in progress of my hippocamp image. Still laying in the... on Twitpic

I think I finally found a system that will hook up my livejournal, tumblr, twitter, and facebook in a daisy-chain effect. Took all night. For anyone who was bombarded with my updates while I tested, you have my apologies. Thank you for your patience. Note that I will only use the daisy-chain effect for art posts, so no one should be getting spammed from this, since I assume most people follow me for art updates.

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